Like many community groups, TrashTalk began simply as a person who took the initiative to act. It all began near February of 2019, when TrashTalk Montreal founder Lucas Hygate fell upon a series of reddit posts about an idea called “#TrashTag”   these threads were pictures of people who cleaned up an area filled with trash, with a before and after picture.

These community threads inspired people to help their community clean by picking up litter, with the goal of preserving nature’s beauty. It was here that Lucas’ idea of “TrashTalk” began to form. With newfound inspiration, Lucas gathered as many like-minded people he knew and decided to act. TrashTalk Montreal has since furthered it’s commitment to cleaning up waste in our communities, and aims to continue that commitment in the future.

The first TrashTalk cleanup
Pictured: Nicholas Tsibanolis, Lucas Hygate

Lucas Hygate


I’m some dude who likes to clean up trash.

Kayleigh Tooke

Team Leader

“How comical that I, a single cell, should take myself so seriously!” –Kurt Vonnegut

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Malcolm Adamson

Project manager

Nicolas Tsibanoulis


Brendan McDonnell


Angad Malhotra

technological director

Diego Rivera


Nicolas Vyncke

Creative director

Joseph Poulin

Thank you.

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